CBD for RLS ?


After much reading on the subject,  it seems to me that many patients have had symptom relief for restless leg syndrome (RLS) from high CBD strains of medical marijuana.  CBD extracted from hemp is legal in all fifty states which makes it a more accessible option for many.  CBD is CBD whether it is from hemp or from marijuana as they are both strains of the cannabis plant.  Although CBD oil from hemp has no THC,  users have found relief from their RLS after inhalation of the oil or wax concentrate.
“In what has been researched and experienced by patients so far, ingestion of cannabinoids typically does not seem to efficiently treat RLS symptoms. However, when CBD is inhaled even very severe symptoms of RLS are relieved in minutes.”
(Bainbridge, 2015)
The symptoms of RLS are characterized by pain and tension in the limbs that result in spontaneous movement, especially while at rest, most often interfering with sleep. Based on different patient experiences, usually when patients have inhaled a vaporized concentration of CBD oils, they are able to relax the muscle spasms and even encourage restful sleep.   So in the area of sleep and relaxation of the muscles,  CBD oils could be the best natural alternative to relieve and help with these symptoms along with the pain they can cause. Although there is not a lot of research yet,   CBD has shown to be a great anti-inflammatory as well as an anti-convulsant  which is why it works for this.
“CBD is a powerful analgesic that seems to work especially well for traditionally difficult to treat neuropathic pain.”
(Lee, 2011)
CBD has strong antioxidant properties  as well. That is one reason many people include CBD oil from hemp as part of their daily routine for taking vitamins and supplements.  So see for yourself,  CBD for RLS is worth a try!  Again,  inhalation is what has worked for people thus far so my recommendation would be to try CBD oil that can be vaporized,  CBD dab waxCBD crystal,  or CBD shatter.