Does hemp have CBD ?

The good news on this subject is yes!   Hemp does have CBD!  Why is this good news?  CBD has numerous medicinal properties and research to back up it’s benefits.  Many in search of the healing effects of cannabis are looking for high CBD content and not a psychoactive effect or “high”  that you would get from marijuana.  That is where hemp comes in as a no brainer for supplemental use.  Hemp has so much to offer and the CBD derived from it is legal in all fifty states.  This is the same CBD sought after by medicinal marijuana believers.
CBD is a cannabinoid found in both cannabis sativa L. plants,  industrial hemp and medical marijuana.  Industrial hemp is exempt from the drug code therefore CBD derived from it is legal even though CBD from marijuana is not.  Marijuana has THC in it,  another cannabinoid,  which is responsible for it’s psychoactive effect.  When CBD is extracted from hemp it only contains trace amounts of THC.  Hemp naturally has high CBD content and low THC content.  CBD is not psychoactive.  It will not get you high.
So next time someone asks you,  does hemp have CBD?  You can tell them the good news!  Hemp does indeed have anti-inflammatory,  anti-emetic,  anti-convulsant,  antioxidant rich, anti-psychotic,  tumor fighting,  pain relieving CBD!
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