Does Cannabidiol get you high?


Does Cannabidiol  get you high?  The answer is no,  on its own it can’t. THC is the cannabinoid that causes euphoria.  The process of extracting cannabidiol (CBD) oil is unlikely to produce oil contaminated with THC, and CBD on its own has no ability to get you high.  CBD is extracted from hemp plants that are specifically bred to contain the highest concentrations of CBD and the lowest concentrations of THC. Hemp is naturally high in CBD and is grown to enhance this factor.  THC is found concentrated in the buds of the cannabis plant, but  hemp is grown for its height due to the usefulness of its stalks and  is bred to grow without these THC-containing buds.  Some CBD products do have THC in them so it is important to look for products with 0-low THC levels if you are looking to use for the health benefits without getting high.