CBD Facts :


  • is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant
  • is non psychoactive so it does not make you feel high
  • is a strong anti-inflammatory
  • has antioxidant strength significantly greater than that of vitamin c and vitamin e
  • calms nerves easing feelings of anxiety, paranoia, stress from PTSD, etc.
  • has anti-nausea properties
  • is an anti-convulsant helping with a number of neurological disorders
  • helps in the withdrawal process from cigarettes
  • inhibits cancer cell growth
  • suppresses muscle spasms
  • is a pain reliever
  • helps regulate blood sugar levels
  • promotes bone growth
  • is non habit forming
  • is well tolerated at doses up to 1500mg
  • is a natural sleep aid that can eliminate dreams for those suffering from PTSD
  • is filled with vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids

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