Ever wonder what weed looks like under the microscope?

Weed Under The Microscope

micro-weedThis is an image of the Trichomes . I think it looks pretty dam cool. Looks like it has a bunch of dicks on it. Some more blessed than others.





blue-dreamThis is a closeup of some Blue Dream.  Comment what you think this looks like!



microweedAnother picture of the trichomes… you already know what I think of those.




stalk-closeThis is a closeup of the outer stalk of the cannabis plant.




Check out these Marijuana gardens in our nations Capital

Some serious growing going on in our nations capital. We should be able to do this nation wide!

grow-op11Love the blue tint to these plants. What do you think?

grow-opgrowing operationindoor_marijuana_garden

This greenhouse operation is in full swing…..Love to smoke these buds.





The buds in this one are the size of my head… Literally.




Again with the blue tint…amazing, bet these are some tasty buds.



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