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There has been a lot of confusion regarding this subject and countless uneducated articles all over the internet.   This is extremely disappointing as it is causing people in true need of the many benefits of CBD to stay away from it for fear of it’s legal status.

Instead of writing a whole article on why CBD derived from imported hemp is legal and not considered a Schedule I drug,  I have decided to simply share the link to the final ruling of HIA ( Hemp Industries Association) vs.  DEA ( Drug Enforcement Administration) in the United States Court of Appeals for The Ninth Circuit.

Please read for yourself the ruling on this matter.

Is CBD legal?



B. CSA Definitions of THC and Marijuana
[3] Two CSA provisions are relevant to determining whether Appellants’ hemp products were banned before the passage of the Final Rules: the definition of THC and the definition of marijuana. Both are unambiguous under Chevron
step one: Appellants’ products do not contain the “synthetic” “substances or derivatives” that are covered by the definition of THC, and non-psychoactive hemp is explicitly excluded from the definition of marijuana.


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