How does CBD work?

CBD works by signaling the cannabinoid receptors inside your body. Cannabinoid receptors are found throughout the body and are part of the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is involved in your body’s appetite, mood, memory and pain sensation. Cannabinoid receptors work from endocannabinoids or plant cannabinoids that are found in CBD. These receptors are separated into CB1 and CB2.

CB1 receptors are found in one of the body systems known as the nervous system, as these receptors affect the nervous system, the nervous system affects the liver, lungs and kidneys. When the receptors in these areas are activated they affect the mind to affect anything that is not going right in these parts of the body. This occurs from signaling the neurotransmitter, a chemical in the nerves of your body to release to other nerves, fixing the wrong that may be occurring in that area. CB1 receptors focus more on controlling your body’s temperature and can influence the body’s concentration, appetite, memory, pain tolerance.

CB2 receptors are found in the immune system and the hematopoietic blood cells, which are the cells that release to other cells. The process for these receptors are similar to the CB1 receptors, when the receptors are activated they release from the hematopoietic blood cells into other cells to help with pain, various diseases, including neurological, along with liver and kidney problems and so much more!

Today we had a great question…”Any idea what the best way to vape cbd oil is? I get a lot of conflicting answers”


Vaping CBD can be a challenge if you don’t know what you are doing.

Most smoke shops and vape shops don’t give proper info when talking about vaping CBD. They have employees who are  uneducated on the subject and just want to push their products out the door. They also do not have selection of products to make a proper recommendation.

I must first know what you are looking to get out of using CBD before I can tell you what products I think may work best for you.

Most CBD tinctures are too thick to use in a vaporizer and they will burn out the coils much quicker. I usually tell people to add them to one of the juices that they like and use already.

However the ideal way to do it is to buy a vape additive CBD product such as ….This Vape Additive

Products like these are made for vaping and are much thinner than the tinctures. When vaping CBD it is important to do a little math to determine the concentration of cbd per ml so you know the strength you are dealing with as the numbers on the bottle can be deceiving.

Take  total mg of CBD and divide that by the ml of the bottle that will give you the concentration. Depending on what you are using it for you can adjust the concentration that you are using with pain being on the higher end of the spectrum.

The concentration of this particular product is 15mg per milliliter , good for anxiety, stress and just overall therapeutic value of daily use.

If your looking for something for pain I don’t think vaping is the answer as it is too low of a dosing unless you use a very highly concentrated liquid and even then I would not say vaping it is too good for pain. I can not say it will not work for you but in my experience you need to ingest at least 25 mg at one time to have an affect on pain… A great way to try it and see if it works for you is these CBD Froggies I believe these would work much better for you than vaping for pain.

If you insist on vaping for pain  the best oil to choose is 550mg cbd oil , but this oil would be far more effective to use as a tincture under your tongue.

I hope this article clears up some of your questions. If you have any more just ask….We Love To Help People.

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CBD for RLS ?


After much reading on the subject,  it seems to me that many patients have had symptom relief for restless leg syndrome (RLS) from high CBD strains of medical marijuana.  CBD extracted from hemp is legal in all fifty states which makes it a more accessible option for many.  CBD is CBD whether it is from hemp or from marijuana as they are both strains of the cannabis plant.  Although CBD oil from hemp has no THC,  users have found relief from their RLS after inhalation of the oil or wax concentrate.
“In what has been researched and experienced by patients so far, ingestion of cannabinoids typically does not seem to efficiently treat RLS symptoms. However, when CBD is inhaled even very severe symptoms of RLS are relieved in minutes.”
(Bainbridge, 2015)
The symptoms of RLS are characterized by pain and tension in the limbs that result in spontaneous movement, especially while at rest, most often interfering with sleep. Based on different patient experiences, usually when patients have inhaled a vaporized concentration of CBD oils, they are able to relax the muscle spasms and even encourage restful sleep.   So in the area of sleep and relaxation of the muscles,  CBD oils could be the best natural alternative to relieve and help with these symptoms along with the pain they can cause. Although there is not a lot of research yet,   CBD has shown to be a great anti-inflammatory as well as an anti-convulsant  which is why it works for this.
“CBD is a powerful analgesic that seems to work especially well for traditionally difficult to treat neuropathic pain.”
(Lee, 2011)
CBD has strong antioxidant properties  as well. That is one reason many people include CBD oil from hemp as part of their daily routine for taking vitamins and supplements.  So see for yourself,  CBD for RLS is worth a try!  Again,  inhalation is what has worked for people thus far so my recommendation would be to try CBD oil that can be vaporized,  CBD dab waxCBD crystal,  or CBD shatter.


THC and CBD Differences

Although THC and CBD are both cannabinoids,  chemical compounds naturally occurring within the cannabis plant,  they have very different  effects.  THC and CBD both have medicinal benefits and work well together along with other cannabinoids,  flavonoids, and terpenes.  Although they both have many good qualities only THC has negative effects which makes CBD a better choice for many wishing to find relief with cannabis.  Here is a short list of the main and most prominent THC and CBD differences.

Please note:  CBD from marijuana and CBD from industrialized hemp ( both strains of cannabis) are the same chemical compound,  cannabinoid  cannabidiol.  The difference is that CBD from industrial hemp contains little to no trace amounts of THC.  Also,  industrial hemp is exempt from the drug code.  (  see our page Is CBD Legal )




Is_cbd_legal copy

There has been a lot of confusion regarding this subject and countless uneducated articles all over the internet.   This is extremely disappointing as it is causing people in true need of the many benefits of CBD to stay away from it for fear of it’s legal status.

Instead of writing a whole article on why CBD derived from imported hemp is legal and not considered a Schedule I drug,  I have decided to simply share the link to the final ruling of HIA ( Hemp Industries Association) vs.  DEA ( Drug Enforcement Administration) in the United States Court of Appeals for The Ninth Circuit.

Please read for yourself the ruling on this matter.

Is CBD legal?



B. CSA Definitions of THC and Marijuana
[3] Two CSA provisions are relevant to determining whether Appellants’ hemp products were banned before the passage of the Final Rules: the definition of THC and the definition of marijuana. Both are unambiguous under Chevron
step one: Appellants’ products do not contain the “synthetic” “substances or derivatives” that are covered by the definition of THC, and non-psychoactive hemp is explicitly excluded from the definition of marijuana.


Ever wonder what weed looks like under the microscope?

Weed Under The Microscope

micro-weedThis is an image of the Trichomes . I think it looks pretty dam cool. Looks like it has a bunch of dicks on it. Some more blessed than others.





blue-dreamThis is a closeup of some Blue Dream.  Comment what you think this looks like!



microweedAnother picture of the trichomes… you already know what I think of those.




stalk-closeThis is a closeup of the outer stalk of the cannabis plant.